Relationship Issues

Relationships are connections; links that bind beings together in various ways and levels. We experience different types of relationships during our lifetime. When hearing the word relationship, most people think of our romantic relationships or the ones with our family members. But actually, we develop relationships outside our life partners that include friendships and acquaintances in our schools, workplace, neighborhoods, communities, places of worship, and, don’t forget our pets. The one relationship that most don’t think of as a relationship and forget to nurture and take care of is our relationship with our own self. All relationships take work, understanding and skills to master successfully.

Perhaps the most important tool required in a successful relationship is effective communication. Techniques that are essential in positive communication between beings in any relationship are:

  • Listening -- Really “hearing” and processing what is being said to you – not always an easy task.
  • Verbal -- The spoken word that needs to be thoughtfully spoken so it can be “heard.”
  • Non-verbal -- The unspoken message received through body language and facial expressions. Learning how to interpret these messages are key.
  • Problem solving -- Learning how to identify a problem and find a solution together using the communication techniques above can make relationships flourish.
  • Fair Fighting -- Every relationship regardless of how close or distant will encounter times of distress, anger, frustration and break down. Learning how to fair fight is necessary and should be learned by everyone at every age.
  • Negotiation -- The art of negotiation is a communication tool that help all relationships succeed but takes time and practice to learn.
  • Compromise -- Along with negotiation comes compromise – a necessity in all relationships but not always easy to learn or put into practice.

Relationships are essential to all human beings. If you think any of your relationships needs work or you would like to learn how to be a better relationship partner, we can help you achieve success.