Grief & Bereavement

What are Grief, Loss and Bereavement? Aren't they all the same thing?

Actually, these are all very different. Some of the most agonizing losses we experience are the death of our loved ones, a loss of a relationship or even a career. At times the pain becomes so intense we wonder how we can possibly go on. At other times, the pain appears to lessen only to be followed again by another swing of the pendulum.

Each experience of grief is personal, complex, and distinctive. The therapists at AmberCreek Counseling will tailor treatment to meet the specific needs of each person.

Grief is a natural part of our human experience. During this time we encounter intense feelings, remember past experiences and look for ways to adjust to this new life. There is no “right or wrong” way to grieve. There is not a specific timeframe or checklist everyone’s experiences are different and the path is quite erratic. However, therapy offers an effective and valuable option to learn to cope with stress and the symptoms that are associated with grief, loss and bereavement.