Anger Management

What is anger?

Anger is a powerful, but perfectly normal emotion that we all feel from time to time. However, anger is also one of the most poorly handled emotions we have. Expressing anger can be either helpful or harmful. Everyone needs to learn how to express anger in a positive way. But what causes anger? It can be frustration, hurt, disappointment, threats, harassment, or annoyance. When we feel anger our body shifts into high gear, and generates energy which is needed for action. For example, when we get angry more sugar and adrenaline pours into our bloodstream and the heart begins to pump faster and faster. As the heart beats faster its causes the blood pressure to rise and the muscles get tense. All of these systems begin working so quickly a lot of times we are rarely aware of it. It can play real havoc on your body.

I am sure though you are now asking how can I possibly manage my anger and make sure I can keep my cool. Seems at times that is way easier said than done. Well there is help out there. Whether you need help within your relationship, family or if you dealing with the legal system, there are many techniques the therapists at AmberCreek Counseling & Recovery Services can teach you so that you will become skilled at managing this complicated and often misunderstood emotion.