Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD) & Trauma

Posttraumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD can occur when a person learns of sees or lives through a traumatic event. Some events may include:

  • Sexual or physical assault
  • Child sexual or physical abuse
  • Natural disaster
  • Combat
  • Serious car accident

People will have some type of behavioral or emotional reactions following any traumatic event. However, if you find that these reactions do not improve or go away or they interrupt your daily life you could be dealing with PTSD. Some emotions you may be feeling include:

  • Feeling tense or afraid
  • Drinking, drug use or smoking too much
  • Avoiding certain people or situations
  • Wanting to be alone all the time
  • Feeling on edge and jumpy
  • Crying
  • Losing interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Feeling numb or tired
  • Feeling responsible for the event
  • Feeling guilty because others were hurt or killed and you survived

If you or someone you know have faced any type of trauma and are having a hard time coping with the event, please understand you are not alone. There is help!

The therapists at AmberCreek have extensive training in PSTD, trauma and different therapy methods including EMDR which can help you regain your life.