Reno & Fernley Family Therapy, Counseling, and Recovery

As much as we would like it,our lives are never tied up in neatly wrapped packages. Life happens and often we cannot control how it unfolds. Finding tools to help us through difficult times allows us to better cope with the demanding situations life throws at us.

Regardless of whether problems seem small or large, they can be stressful and interfere in our daily lives. When issues affect our relationships, work and/or health, it is time to seek help and support. The therapists at AmberCreek Counseling & Recovery Services are highly trained, caring professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals, families, couples, and children in positive healthy ways.

At AmberCreek Counseling & Recovery Services we are committed to helping you uncover your potential, leading to a life worth celebrating. Although we cannot change difficult situations from the past, we can work with you to resolve these challenges and creates better future.

Whether you are looking for support, guidance, or healing from a traumatic event, there is a therapist at AmberCreek Counseling & Recovery Services who can meet your needs.

Regardless of your current financial situation, AmberCreek Counseling accepts most major insurances including Medicaid. There are also additional payment plans and a sliding fee scale to make counseling affordable to everyone.

Please call or email for additional information and to schedule your appointment.